Meet the faces delivering top-notch reporting on the business of the news industry.

Christopher John Lowe
Senior Writer

Christopher John Lowe is an award winning journalist and writer. He is correspondent for the wire and the print. He also covered world politics for several other international publication, including ndtv, the associated press and newsweek.
He attended university of ohio and now lives in newyork.

David Frank
Senior Writer

David Frank is a business and economy journalist with Radical Activist. He has worked in newsweek for eight years prior to joining Radical activist. His work has been carried by the NDTV, Themorningherald, and the wire. He covered the power crisis as part of three part documentary series. 

Megan Ly
U.S. Director of Events

Megan Ly is the Startup Program and Events Manager at ESPBR. She recruits rockstar startups for all TC events including Disrupt, meetups, Sessions, and more both domestically and internationally. Previously, she helped produce Dreamforce with Salesforce and Next '17 with Google. Prior to that, she was on the advertising teams at both Facebook and AdRoll, helping support advertisers in North America and helped grow those brands globally. Outside of work, Priya enjoys Flywheel, tacos, the 49ers, and adventuring around the globe.

Mike K. Watson
Sr. Marketing Manager

Mike K. Watson is the Hardware Editor at ESPBR. He worked for a number of leading sports publications, including Sportsstar, Auto sport, Inside Sports, and USA Today Sports Weekly, where he served as the Managing Editor. His writing has appeared in The Ring (magazine), FourFourTwo, Shooting Times, Athletics Weekly, Dime Magazine, Shooting Gazette, Sports Pro, Football Digestt and various other publications. He hosts the weekly Sports Illustrated for Women interview podcast RiYL, has appeared as a regular NPR contributor and shares his Queens apartment with a rabbit named Lucy.

Melvin Mathew
Editorial Director

Melvin is the head of the editorials in ESPBR. Before joining to the team, Melvin has served many digital platforms. He even has worked with Bleacher Report and displayed his expertise in copy editing and managing various types of content. Melvin loves to travel and collect little details and detailed information about places, culture and things. He is a great sports lover, which made him eager to join the team at ESPBR.

His quality of great observation and analysation makes him one of the most suitable parts of the team. He is from Glendale California and has completed his graduation in Law.

Winfield Maye
Staffing Manager

Winfield is in the staffing segment of the team. We at ESPBR believes in catering opportunities, and Winfield is the lady behind executing the idea and bring that to life. She has previously worked for the Public Relations and advertisement advisor of a couple of events managing group. Her creative mind brought her to the team and especially to the position of managing all the events and programs arranged at ESPBR. Winfield believes that fresh thoughts can generate everything trendy and cool. For her support and guidance, our team has got the opportunity to get connected with many brands, and like-minded business owners from across the world. 

If not working with her laptop, you can find Winfield Sketching animations in her desk. She takes care of the business relations in ESPBR, and we are proud of this Gemini!

Senior Writer

Bernardo is one of the editors of the team at ESPBR. He has worked with various tech magazines like Esquire, People and Southern Living and publication houses as a freelancer before joining the team. He is an addicted reader of self-help books, fictions and journals. He is a great enthusiast of hosting events and photography. He has an excellent voice modulation apart from his expertise in proofreading, copy editing and making new friends. He has worked with the team of Google too in hosting some of their summits and bagged appreciations also.

Snigdha Bagchi
Senior Writer

Snigdha is a writer at ESPBR. She has graduated in Advertising and Public Relations and worked as a Radio Host in her early career. She also has expertise in writing and editing various copies for other advertising and digital news company. Snigdha loves to write beyond commercial and promotional copies. Writing poetries and quotes is her pass time picks. She believes in developing and evolving through learning. Enrolling to the new and enriching course even before completing the previous ones stimulates her hunger for learning something new and working every day.