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Radical Activist is a premier news portal that brings high-quality journalism to its readers. Radical Activists brings the current news, in-depth analysis of various international issues, technology, business, sports, and politics.
At Radical Activist our mission to seek the truth and bring it to the people so that people can understand the world. We value our work and understand the importance of ethical and independent journalism. By acting in this spirit, we serve our readers and society.

At Radical Activist our team produces and support the distribution of the World’s latest news. Our team is committed to helping people to understand the world through on-the-ground independent journalism.
At Radical Activist we believe that if good journalism is to survive and thrive, it must be financially and editorially independent.

we depend on our readers who are only interested in unbiased and independent journalism. As a news portal, we are committed to the public interest. Our aim is to develop Radical Activist as a portal driven by good old fashioned quality journalism of international importance and interest.

A news article should contain facts. It is important to fix the accountability of those in power. If we do meaningful changes today then we can hope for a radical tomorrow. We believe in galvanizing a more informed public who have a deep understanding of events, ideas, and history.

In this modern age and the interconnected world, it is important to be well aware of national and international news. Radical Activist empowers its readers to fight injustice and inequality by providing a thorough understanding of the world. We believe that intellectual freedom is extremely important.